‘Human inability to reconcile the transcending power of time-binding mind and the transience of its time-bound fleshy casing.’

~ Z. Bauman, 1992.


Time, death, and quantum physics



My boyfriend is an atheist, the closest title for my orientation towards religion would be agnostic. But agnostic isn’t really accurate. I do have ideas as to what the spiritual world, after death and within the living, may look like. I have some notions of how that realm may function. I guess it’s influenced largely by family, pop culture, and an internal drive towards what feels ‘right’. Probably a weird mix of ‘The Sandman’ by Neil Gaiman, and and the work of Robert Moss, such as ‘Dream Gates‘. A Jungian world, trying to marry the dream-like and science fiction. Anyway, enough empty outlining. This article – Is Death An Illusion? eludes to some of the incredible results of experimental testing in quantum physics, and how our consciousness is linked to reality and the perception of time and existence. Robert Lanza’s ‘Biocentrism’, will definitely be on my wish list for Santa…/ (The Book Depository).